A Pink Moon rises
Plum tree blossoms like ink marks
In a poetry book

Hi friends, writers, and readers,

I am glad to share with you the publication of my new book, PINK MOON, an anthology of haiku poems.  I have made a random choice of 365  out of 700  three lines poems written over a space of two years, thinking fondly that you may wish to read one poem a day during the year.

 What prompted me to write the book? 

Haiku is traditionally a Japanese poem consisting of three short lines that do not rhyme.

The erudite consider haiku to be more than a style of poetry. It is a way of observing the physical world and seeing something beyond, more profound, close to the very nature of existence, and to an essential vision of life.

Traditional Japanese poetry consists of three lines that contain a kireji, or cutting word, 17 syllables on a 5,7,5 pattern, and a kigo, or seasonal reference.

Similar poems that do not adhere to these rules are generally classified as senryu.

Senryu is about the human heart and spirit, expressions of life, and love. It is similar to haiku except that haiku is mainly about nature.

I became enamored with haiku poetry in 2018. In that year, I was at the London Book Fair to exhibit my debut poetry book ‘Soul Poetry’. I surprisingly came across a work by the Japanese poet Matsuo Basho. I fell in love with his haiku poems at first glance. I saw magic, sound, and music in his words –

Early morning walk,

Tree leaves bristling,

A lovely sunrise

Matsuo Basho (1644-1694) was the most famous poet of the Edo period in Japan.

During his lifetime, Basho was recognized for his work in the collaborative hakai no renga form; today, after centuries of commentary, he is recognized as the greatest master of haiku.

It took me a long time to learn the art of writing haiku. It demands faith, meditation, focus, creativity, love of nature, and mastery of words. All these, coupled with awe at the beauty of existence, I have jotted down these writing prompts in the traditional form of haiku, observing as closely as I can the syllable count, three lines, and a seasonal reference.

I hope my readers appreciate my haiku poems. A globetrotter, I write them as I soar on my quill in the open sky.

I invite you to read the review of PINK MOON on Goodreads.

Even more so to grace me with your own review and comments.

Goodreads review by Balroop Singh

Pink Moon by Anita Bacha celebrates her love for nature, as she captures the beauty around us, giving an exquisite glimpse into seasons, sunsets and rain. Written in a simple and straightforward style, this lovely collection needs to be savored slowly to visualize Mother Nature in all her attires, to admire the hues that melt into her expression. Whether it is a flower, a butterfly or a beetle, they all blend into her poetry with poise.

Easy to read, each piece of this micro-poetry would speak to you; many have been inspired from the spectacular colors that dawn and dusk lend to the sky. Only a nature lover would see the “shiver” of daisies “craving for sun warmth.” The fragrance of flowers, the blooming roses and the velvety leaves become alive through Anita’s charming choice of words.

Some of my favorites:
“scarlet blood poppies
flutter and dance in the breeze
the peak of summer”
“the stars speak to me
of summer destinations
the sun sneaks in clouds”
“in the wet morning
frail mini daisies shiver
craving for sun warmth”
There are many such beauties that would enthrall you if you choose to pick up this book. Highly recommended.

Available to buy on #Amazon and #Kindlestore

Author: Anita Bacha

Creative and inspirational writer of stories, poetry, and haikus I am also an addictive reader of novels, poetry, haiku, and children's storybooks. I am the author of SOUL POETRY a book of inspirational poems, verses, and quotes published by Partridge India (2015) The Maker of Miracles (2006) published in the USA by Dorrance Publishing and My Journey with God (2008) published under the banner of Sai Towers, India is the narration about my spiritual journey. My new poetry book INK Echo of life and love published by Éditions de L’Ocean Indien (2019) in Mauritius, my birth country is a collection of love poems extolling the feelings and desires of women. The Princess and the Crow is my first storybook for children, released by Austin Macauley Publishers London in March 2019. Two years later, I was inspired to write and published two other books - WAKASHIO, a storybook for children, and PINK MOON - AN ANTHOLOGY OF HAIKU POEMS. I love to write. I guess my writing has a special cliché of island 🌴 life, natural, unpretentious, and full of beauty.

20 thoughts on “PINK MOON”

    1. Thank you heaps Tanvir. I was a bit hesitant to publish the book as I am a novice at haiku poetry. Then a thought crossed my mind about the unpredictability of life. Will I live till I become a master of haiku poems like the great poet Matsuo Basho?
      Money returns
      Time doesn’t.
      Et voilà

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    1. Thank you Priti! The 365 haiku poems I have written specially for readers like you in my Pink Moon I am sure will carry you to heavenly heights ! Thank you for reading!


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