The flower doesn’t dream of the 🐝

It blossoms and the 🐝 comes

– Rumi

Quote of Rumi

Photo credit: Anita Bacha

These pictures were clicked by me last July at Borehamwood in England.

The A1 shooting group in Borehamwood is a family-run clay target shooting facility offering English Sporting, Olympic Trap and Helice.

Every summer, I visit the shooting ground with my family for the pleasure of holding a shotgun, and to enjoy a walk in the countryside.

I was happily surprised to find bumblebees in a bush on a sidewalk.

I stopped with my IPhone and caught some beautiful pictures of bumblebees romancing with flowers, undisturbed by the deafening sound of shooting. They were peaceful and happy, totally ignorant of the world around them.

The flowers, I observed, were not budding, new blooms or half blooms or full blossoms for that matter but withering flowers, some had lost their petals and others were dying.

Yet, see the magic of Nature, bumblebees were swarming around them, thirsting for their nectar.

Probably Nature wants to teach us a lesson, I thought, about women.

A woman, like a flower, never aged.

Author: Anita Bacha

Creative and inspirational writer and poet, I lam also an addictive reader of novels, poetry and children story books. I am the author of Soul Poetry a book of inspirational poems, verses and quotes (2015) The Maker of Miracles (2006) and My Journey with God (2008) are narrations about my journey with my spiritual guru. My new poetry book INK Echo of life and love published by Éditions de L’Ocean Indien earlier this year (2019) in Mauritius, my birth country is a collection of love poems extolling the feelings and desires of women. The Princess and the Crow is my first story book for children ,released by Austin Macauley Publishers London in March 2019. I love to write. I guess my writing has a special cliché of island 🌴 life, natural,unpretentious and full of beauty.

3 thoughts on “Flowering”

  1. Hi Anita,

    You have indeed a nice set of photos of those bees visiting the flowers. Thank you for posting more photos, the first one of which originates from your post entitled “Land of Predilection” containing your rhyming poem about your spiritual relationship and emotional ties with India.

    Is target shooting one of your hobbies? Are you a gardener by any chance?

    Thank you for visiting and liking my post at http://soundeagle.wordpress.com/2017/10/18/the-quotation-fallacy/

    I wonder what feedback you have of the said post about quotations, which I consider to be very important for many reasons, and look forward to receiving your insights at the comment section of the post.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Target shooting is not my hobby. I accompany family and friends to the countryside to shoot for pictures of flowers, bees ,butterflies and trees.
      Incidentally, I try my hand at at target shooting.
      The picture in my post Land of Predilection was taken from my hotel room in Mumbai. The picture of the flower and the bumblebee illustrates my poem How to tell you.
      Many thanks for commenting on my posts SoundEagle..
      I will visit your post anew and leave a reply for sure.
      Happy Sunday to you, to the bees and to the flowers!

      Liked by 2 people

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