A Pop Concert – Haiku – A Poem by Anita Bacha

a pop concert 

flapping of wings 

in morning sky 

~ anita bacha ~

Image source internet; Haïku cc.Anita Bacha 2023.

Good afternoon, my dear friends.

Thank you for your visit.

Little Egret – Haiku – A Poem by Anita Bacha

gliding over 

shallow water 

little egret

~ anita bacha ~

That poem was inspired by the photo of a little egret posted by the amazing photographer Michael Sammut 

Birds Photo Click 156: Little Egret.lifeexperiencesandadventures.wordpress.com

Photography of Little Egret cc Michael Sammut; haiku cc Anita Bacha 2023.

Happy evening my dear friends!

Anita Bacha

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