Snow Powder – Haiku – A Poem by Anita Bacha

snow powder sprinkling 

on autumn brown leaves 

winter tea cookies 

~ anita bacha ~

Image source internet; haïku cc .Anita Bacha 2023.

Today’s Quote – Wounds – by Paulo Coelho

don’t allow your wounds to transform you into someone that you are not 

~ Paulo Coelho ~

A Desperate Tree – Haiku – A Poem by Anita Bacha

a desperate tree 

in night’s torrential rain 

dripping old leaves fall 

~ anita bacha ~

Good morning, my dear friends.

Mauritius is living the worst torrential rains and flooding after a long time, so dear ones stay home, stay safe.

Love you 

Anita Bacha

Today’s Quote – Impossible Love by Rumi

out beyond ideas 

of wrongdoing and rightdoing 

there is a field 

i will meet you there 

~ rumi ~

Image source internet. Rumi’s Quote cc.2023.

Echo of Cuckoo’s Song – Tanka – A Poem by Anita Bacha

Echo of cuckoo’s song

In the deep stardust valleys 

Electric colors 

Dawn breaks fawning reverence 

Sunset’s docile somnolence 

Anita Bacha

Image source internet. Tanka poem cc Anita Bacha 2023.

Today’s Quote – On Love and Devotion by Anita Bacha

Love is a flower,

Devotion is the purest,

The noblest variety.

– Anita Bacha –

Image source internet; Quotation cc Anita Bacha 2023

Sorting out the blooms – Haiku – A Poem by Anita Bacha

sorting out the blooms 

some to be kept for garlands 

some to throw away 

~ anita bacha ~

Image source internet; haïku cc Anita Bacha 2033

Good afternoon my dear friends.

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Morning Twilight – Haiku – A Poem by Anita Bacha

morning twilight 

soft waves breaking 

on the coastline 

~anita bacha ~

Image source internet. Haïku cc Anita Bacha 2023.

A Leaf of Your Tree – A Poem by Anita Bacha

Of your tree so mighty,

I am a leaf so green and tiny;

Neither an apple nor a fig,

I hold on to a twig;

In winter I shiver and I freeze,

In summer I sway in the breeze;

Drenched in torrential rain,

I cry in grief and in pain;

Scalded in the burning sun,

I shrivel and I shun;

A creeper I long to mime,

My arms enlacing you;

Heavenly heights to climb, 

My soul enrobing you.

~ Anita Bacha ~

Thank you for your visit my dear friends.

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Image source internet. Poem À leaf of Your Tree cc Anita Bacha 2015.

A Pop Concert – Haiku – A Poem by Anita Bacha

a pop concert 

flapping of wings 

in morning sky 

~ anita bacha ~

Image source internet; Haïku cc.Anita Bacha 2023.

Good afternoon, my dear friends.

Thank you for your visit.

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