My Children’s Books – by Anita Bacha

‘Of all my books, I like the children’s books the best.’

Anita Bacha

My debut children’s book, The Princess and the Crow, is set in the magnetic backdrop of a tropical island in the midst of a blue lagoon. A beautiful Princess lives on the island with her friends, the flowers and the birds. One day, a crow falls from the sky and lands on her lap. As the story unfolds, the real identity of the crow is revealed. Bursting with charm and magic, the book is illustrated and published by Austin Macauley Publishers London. Categorized as fiction, it’s my first successful effort to creative writing and to putting on script my hidden talent of storytelling.

Wakashio is my second story book for kids. Categorized as fiction, the story is based on the real wreck of a Japanese oil tanker, MV Wakashio, on the coral reefs of Mauritius. The tale is narrated by two Mauritian siblings, Angela and Oshin. With 15 amazing and colorful illustrations.

SURPRISE!! My third story book is a novel sequence. Another adventure of our favorite characters Angela and Oshin, illustrated with 15 fascinating images for the joy of our young audience. It is under print and will be released shortly.

Happy Weekend, dear All!

Anita Bacha

The Princess and the Crow – Illustrated Children’s Book by Anita Bacha

Hold the hand of the child that lives in your soul 

For this child nothing is impossible 

Paulo Coelho 

Author of The Alchemist 

As a child I was fond of reading books.My papa offered me my first illustrated children’s book in French ‘Toto et Titi’ when I was three. I delved in the pages of my treasured book and I had a dream. I dreamt of my name on the front cover of the book.

I cherished the dream for a long time. Writing a book for children sounded like impossible… a poetry book for adults crossed my mind often. Yet I hold on to the dream of writing a book for all the children in the world.

This dream became true when many many years after, I wrote and published my debut children’s book, The Princess and the Crow.

Many of you may have read that book and many of you are aspiring authors.

Hold the hand of the child that lives in your soul and make the impossible become possible NOW.

Anita Bacha

Thank you for reading my dear friends.

Happy Holidays

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