Frozen Rose Garden – A Haiku by Anita Bacha

Frozen rose garden 

Silent miles of snow whitens

Days without evenings 

Anita Bacha

Decades ago, a young woman arrived in England to pursue academic and professional studies. She came from a tropical island in the Indian Ocean where the sun shines all through the two tropical seasons, summer and winter.

A white cotton ball fell on the tip of her nose ,one December morning while she hurried to Earl’s Court tube station on her way to Lincoln’s Inn at Chancery Lane.

That first ball was followed by uncontrollable number of snow flakes. She cried with joy!That young woman was me.

It was the first time I saw snow in my life!

Now I enjoy writing about snow and winter.

Image source internet. Haïku cc. Anita Bacha 2022.

I hope you enjoy my winter haiku, my dear friends.

Happy Holidays!

Anita Bacha

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