First Leaf of the Fall

Behold the first turn of the autumn leaf 
From green to amber light,
From yellow to rusty veins;
Behold the game of life,
Like the autumn leaf
We have lived,
Gracefully, we detach,
Knowing life is a gift of God,
We take our leave,
Make way for new leaves

Anita Bacha.

Illustrative/Photography/Anita Bacha/Frankfurt/Germany

Photography and Poem cc Anita Bacha 2023

Good morning my dear friends

Thank you for viewing and reading .

Russet Leaves – A Haiku Poem by Anita Bacha

in the chilling breeze 

russet leaves detach and fall 

to embrace the earth

russet leaves 🍁

Happy Autumn 🍂

Thank you for your visit

Anita Bacha

Colors of Autumn – Haiku Poems by Anita Bacha

October fallen leaves 

Heaping under the oak tree 

To be swept away

Showers of autumn 

A chill dance in the wind 

Leaves fall in silence

In this autumn time 

We behold nature’s showcase 

Of aging and age

Autumnal showers 

A steaming mug of milk tea 

Breakfast at the pub

Nature’s master plan 

Leaves put on attractive hues 

Pride comes before Fall

Autumn butterfly 

Open  your fine wings and fly 

A storm is blowing

Thank you for viewing and reading my dear friends.

Happy October.

Anita Bacha

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