Outside my window – A haiku poem by Anita Bacha

outside my window 

leaves are drifting in the rain 

sad, with no repair

Anita Bacha 

Thank you for viewing, my dear friends.

Here comes November – A haiku poem by Anita Bacha

here comes november 

a carpet of glowing leaves 

trees become barren

Anita Bacha

A haiku poem to welcome November. October has been very busy for me writing about the Fall and the explosion of colors , ending with Halloween 🎃 haiku poems!

Thank you for your support ,my dear friends. You keep my heart warm in the changing season.

Happy reading

Anita Bacha

Maple Leaf – A Haiku Poem by Anita Bacha

in the blue moonlight 

a mournful red maple leaf 

on a bed of weeds 

Anita Bacha 

Thank you for your visit, my dear friends!

I hope you are enjoying my daily haiku.

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Colors of Autumn – Haiku Poems by Anita Bacha

October fallen leaves 

Heaping under the oak tree 

To be swept away

Showers of autumn 

A chill dance in the wind 

Leaves fall in silence

In this autumn time 

We behold nature’s showcase 

Of aging and age

Autumnal showers 

A steaming mug of milk tea 

Breakfast at the pub

Nature’s master plan 

Leaves put on attractive hues 

Pride comes before Fall

Autumn butterfly 

Open  your fine wings and fly 

A storm is blowing

Thank you for viewing and reading my dear friends.

Happy October.

Anita Bacha

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