Today’s Quote – Christmas by Dr.Seuss

Christmas will always be 

As long as we stand 

Heart to heart and, 

Hand in hand 


Happy Holidays, my dear friends.

Thank you once more for your support,encouragement and,overflowing love.

Anita Bacha

Image source internet. Quotation cc Dr.Seuss

Today’s Quote by Anita Bacha

Christmas time is to think of those who are alone at home and,to keep them in our prayers

Anita Bacha 

Good morning, my dear friends 

Happy Holidays

Xmas’s in the air – A haiku poem by Anita Bacha

Xmas’s in the air 

Festive decorations herald 

Love and forgiveness

Anita Bacha

Good evening,my dear friends. Let’s walk together the streets of Oxford Circus and enjoy a before taste of Christmas 2022.

Pictures of the festive season clicked by me at Oxford Circus, London, England. cc. 2022.
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