Whirling in the Storm – Haiku by Anita Bacha

Whirling in the storm

Snowflakes twirl in harmony 

Burning hazel eyes 

Anita Bacha 

Merry Christmas my dear friends 

With a special thought to those in Canada and North America

First Snow – A Haiku by Anita Bacha

First snow without you 

Whiteout burns my eyes

People make me cry

Anita Bacha 

#photo credit IIyana Stoyanova #prompt #firstsnow British Haiku Society.

Image source llyana Stroyanova. Haïku- cc Anita Bacha 2022.

Nightfall – A Haiku Poem by Anita Bacha

As nightfall darkens 

Creepy hooting of an owl 

Eyes are all we see 

Anita Bacha

Thank you for your visit, my dear friends.

Happy Sunday

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