Sun beaming with light – A haiku poem by Anita Bacha

after the dark night 

beaming with auspicious light 

sun takes its revenge 

Anita Bacha

Thank you for your visit,my dear friends.

Happy and auspicious start of the week.

Nightfall – A Haiku Poem by Anita Bacha

As nightfall darkens 

Creepy hooting of an owl 

Eyes are all we see 

Anita Bacha

Thank you for your visit, my dear friends.

Happy Sunday


I fly free with the butterflies,

In the midday sun,

Leaving behind the darkness,

Of the night;

Words are my wings,

Poetry liberates my soul,

From the world’s shackles and lies.

Anita Bacha

Photo credit:Raj Swami

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