Scarlet Dragonfly Journal – December 2022 Issue

Many thanks to the editor, Kathleen Trocmet and to Scarlet Dragonfly Journal for selecting my haiku and for the feature in the December issue of their esteemed journal.

Drawn by her sweet scent 

I stare with verve at a rose

On a hearth of leaves 

Anita Bacha

Image source internet. Haïku cc Anita Bacha 2022.

Congratulations to the other featured poets.

A rose on a hearth of leaves – A haiku poem by Anita Bacha

drawn by her sweet scent 

 i stare with verve at a rose

on a hearth of leaves 

anita bacha

Thank you for viewing, my dear friends.

Image source internet, haïku my own cc 2022
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