A Feast of Blooms – A Haiku Poem by Anita Bacha

dew’s still on the rose

i have lost and found myself 

in a feast of blooms 

Anita Bacha

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Image source internet, haïku cc Anita Bacha 2022

A New Phase of Life – A Tanka Poem by Anita Bacha

The rose has fallen,

On the stem, a bud opens,

A new phase of life,

On a bed of thorns, she thrives,

Bleeding words of innocence.

Anita Bacha

I am Beauty

I open to the Rose,
And find myself,
Deep within perfumed folds of pink,
Drunk with beauty!
I open to the song of the bird,
To hear the music of my soul,
Singing free!
I open to the sky,
And find myself floating,
Soft and loving as a cloud!
I open to beauty and I open to myself,
I embrace beauty and know it as myself,
I let it in,
And let it shine.
-Anita Bacha-

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