Today’s Quote by William Shakespeare

What’s in a name?

That which we call a rose 

By any other name would smell as sweet 

William Shakespeare 

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Happy Thursday, my dear friends 

Anita Bacha

Raindrops and Roses – A Haiku by Anita Bacha

Raindrops and roses 

Bouquet of eau de cologne 

On a winter day 

Anita Bacha

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Happy Saturday

Image source internet. Haiku cc Anita Bacha.2022.

Thorns – A Poem by Rumi

Look at me and hear me

Because I’m here just for that

I am your moon

And your moonlight too

I am your flower garden

And your water too

I have come all this way 

Eager for you

Without shoes or shawl

I want you to laugh

To kill all your worries

To love you

To nourish you

O Sweet Bitterness!

I will soothe and heal you

I will bring you roses

I too have been covered with thorns


Image source internet .Poem cc.Rumi

Transience of Beauty – A Haiku Poem by Anita Bacha

transience of beauty 

glossy blossoms writhe and fall 

in a matter of time 

Anita Bacha 

Good morning, my dear friends. Thank you for your visit.

Image source internet. Haïku cc Anita Bacha 2022.

Late Blooming Roses – A Haiku Poem by Anita Bacha

late blooming roses 

scattered in the blowing wind 

bonfire of petals 

Anita Bacha

Written in response to the weekly prompt of inkMine stories on Twitter.

Thank you for viewing and reading my dear friends.

Image source internet.Haïku cc.Anita Bacha 2022.

A New Phase of Life – A Tanka Poem by Anita Bacha

The rose has fallen,

On the stem, a bud opens,

A new phase of life,

On a bed of thorns, she thrives,

Bleeding words of innocence.

Anita Bacha

My Rose Garden

what’s in a name
that which we call a rose
by any other name
would smell as sweet

What’s in a name

That which we call a rose

By any other name

Would smell as sweet

What’s in a name

That which we call a prose

By any other name

Would reach you my rose

Today’s close bud

Tomorrow’s full bloom

Delicate rose

In the green prairie

Tune of solo flutist

Awakens the rose

Against all the odds

She opens her sleek petals

Bruised but still alive

After heavy rains

Petals of cute rose unfolds

Pride of my garden

In the cold winter

A rose frozen under ice

Waits for spring to break

Hi friends and readers

I wish the gorgeous roses that are smiling at you were literally from my garden

They are the beauties floating on the Internet that inspire my pen to water my blank parchment with the ink of my eyes.

I hope you read and enjoyed my first collection of haiku poems

If you haven’t yet please visit the link below

Thank you

Anita Bacha

Roses for all seasons

Pretty yellow rose,

Sunbathing in the courtyard,

Intruder fly bites!

Yellow rose London summer

Exquisite pink rose,

Flaunts her fresh,youthful beauty,

In the spring of life.

Garden rose London Spring

In the morning rain,

Bruised dust-pink rose shivers,

On a bed of thorns.

Late summer rose Stratford London

Frail rose bud petals,

Burn in blaze of dry season ,

Thirsting for rain drops.

Rose bud in dry season,Rajasthan

Lush garden roses,

Half-blossom bends to her weight ,

Till the last fold falls!

Summer scarlet rose.Mauritius

Bouquet of Roses

Bouquet of roses

Dying in porcelain vase

Gross mediocrity

Anita Bacha

Dear readers, I have joined a group of ‘Haiku challenge ‘ on Twitter and today’s challenge is to write a haiku using the word ‘gross’. I love this challenge .Brainstorming, at times ,nerve racking it keeps me going .Hope you like this one . More are on the way.

Bouquet of roses 🥀
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