Wisp of Morning Haze – Haiku – A Poem by Anita Bacha

wisp of morning haze 

straggling through the sleeping tree 

soft buds of Spring wake

A haiku inspired by Mark S’ Naturalist Weekly prompt word ‘haze’.


Image source internet. Haïku cc Anita Bacha 2023.

A Desperate Tree – Haiku – A Poem by Anita Bacha

a desperate tree 

in night’s torrential rain 

dripping old leaves fall 

~ anita bacha ~

Good morning, my dear friends.

Mauritius is living the worst torrential rains and flooding after a long time, so dear ones stay home, stay safe.

Love you 

Anita Bacha

A Leaf of Your Tree – A Poem by Anita Bacha

Of your tree so mighty,

I am a leaf so green and tiny;

Neither an apple nor a fig,

I hold on to a twig;

In winter I shiver and I freeze,

In summer I sway in the breeze;

Drenched in torrential rain,

I cry in grief and in pain;

Scalded in the burning sun,

I shrivel and I shun;

A creeper I long to mime,

My arms enlacing you;

Heavenly heights to climb, 

My soul enrobing you.

~ Anita Bacha ~

Thank you for your visit my dear friends.

You will find the above and many such poems in my book ‘Soul Poetry’ published by Partridge in 2015 , distributed worldwide by Amazon & Barnes and Noble.


Image source internet. Poem À leaf of Your Tree cc Anita Bacha 2015.

Wisp of First Blush Fog – A Haiku Poem by Anita Bacha

wisp of first blush fog 

straggling through the sleeping tree 

crimson red leaves wake 

Anita Bacha 

Good morning, my dear friends.

Thank you for your visit.

Image source internet.Haïku by Anita Bacha cc 2022.

Fur Coat of Old Tree – A Haiku Poem by Anita Bacha

onset of winter 

yellow fur coat of old tree 

drops lamentably 

Anita Bacha

Thank you for your visit, my dear friends.

Happy weekend!

Image source internet.Haïku cc.Anita Bacha 2022.

Leaves of Persimmon – A Haiku Poem by Anita Bacha

MidOctober breeze 

Orange leaves of persimmon 

Cling to the old tree

Thank you for viewing, my dear friends!

Read more 


Anita Bacha

True to His Word

True to his word,

He was there, in the park,

Waiting for her,

She halted, looked around,

His words echoed in her ears,

In the morning gentle zephyr,

‘I will be there!’

‘I will be there for you!’

He cried out,

Last time they met and parted;

Stoic, handsome and shy,

Greener against the blue sky,

He smiled under its vast parasol;

The sight of him warmed her heart;

They talked,

They had so much to say to each other;

Then they fell into a deep silence,

It was not love,

It was not happiness,

It was a soul connection.

Anita Bacha

A tree
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