A Leaf of Your Tree – A Poem by Anita Bacha

Of your tree so mighty,

I am a leaf so green and tiny;

Neither an apple nor a fig,

I hold on to a twig;

In winter I shiver and I freeze,

In summer I sway in the breeze;

Drenched in torrential rain,

I cry in grief and in pain;

Scalded in the burning sun,

I shrivel and I shun;

A creeper I long to mime,

My arms enlacing you;

Heavenly heights to climb, 

My soul enrobing you.

~ Anita Bacha ~

Thank you for your visit my dear friends.

You will find the above and many such poems in my book ‘Soul Poetry’ published by Partridge in 2015 , distributed worldwide by Amazon & Barnes and Noble.


Image source internet. Poem À leaf of Your Tree cc Anita Bacha 2015.

A Pop Concert – Haiku – A Poem by Anita Bacha

a pop concert 

flapping of wings 

in morning sky 

~ anita bacha ~

Image source internet; Haïku cc.Anita Bacha 2023.

Good afternoon, my dear friends.

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Hot Tropic Sun – Haiku- A Poem by Anita Bacha

hot tropic sun

the palm tree lies

flat on shore line 

~ anita bacha ~

Photography cc Bernd Gisske ; Haiku cc Anita Bacha 2023.

Good evening, my dear friends!

Happy Thursday!

First Leaf of the Fall

Behold the first turn of the autumn leaf 
From green to amber light,
From yellow to rusty veins;
Behold the game of life,
Like the autumn leaf
We have lived,
Gracefully, we detach,
Knowing life is a gift of God,
We take our leave,
Make way for new leaves

Anita Bacha.

Illustrative/Photography/Anita Bacha/Frankfurt/Germany

Photography and Poem cc Anita Bacha 2023

Good morning my dear friends

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Today’s Quote – Karma by Anita Bacha

Cultivate our life with the seeds of love 

What we sow, we reap.

Anita Bacha 

Good morning, my dear friends.

Bunch of green bananas cc photography of Anita Bacha 2023

Little Egret – Haiku – A Poem by Anita Bacha

gliding over 

shallow water 

little egret

~ anita bacha ~

That poem was inspired by the photo of a little egret posted by the amazing photographer Michael Sammut 

Birds Photo Click 156: Little Egret.lifeexperiencesandadventures.wordpress.com

Photography of Little Egret cc Michael Sammut; haiku cc Anita Bacha 2023.

Happy evening my dear friends!

Anita Bacha

Today’s Quote – Mistake – Osho

“Commit as many mistakes as possible, remembering only one thing: don’t commit the same mistake again. And you will be growing.” – Osho

Good morning my dear friends

Happy reading

Anita Bacha

Sweet White Peonies – Haiku – A Poem by Anita Bacha

sweet white peonies 

your scent on my pillows 

nights without days 

~ anita bacha ~

Good afternoon, my dear friends 

Thank you for dropping in 

Anita Bacha

Image source internet. Haiku cc Anita Bacha 2023

On the Quay of Farewell – A Poem by Anita Bacha

On the quay of farewell 

In a covetous embrace 

You gave me your heart 

On the quay of farewell 

You wiped my tears with your lips 

You offered me your eyes 

On the quay of farewell 

You spoke to me about your suffering 

You wanted my mouth to feel your fading breath 

On the quay of farewell 

You wanted me to remember your desires 

Your thirst and your hunger insatiate 

On the quay of farewell 

You fumbled for the tenderness and sweetness that are in me

That you will never find in another 

On the quay of farewell 

You hugged me tight in your arms 

You wanted to keep me forever 

On the quay of farewell 

Heavy as a winter coat 

The separation bent you into two 

And you shouted my name 

Anita Bacha 

Thank you for viewing and reading my dear friends 

Happy evening 

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Photo of Nippon Maru Cruise and poem Cc Anita Bacha 2023.

Anchored for The Night – Senryu – A poem byAnita Bacha

anchored for the night 

in the lee of an island 

two amorous souls 

Anita Bacha 

Inspired by the magnificent Nippon Maru cruise anchored at the Christian Decotter Cruise Terminal, Mauritius,I penned down the above senryu ( short form Japanese poem) .

Thank you for viewing and for reading, my dear friends.

Photo of Nippon Maru cruise and poem Cc Anita Bacha 2023
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